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Did you know that you must apply to graduate?

The following information is for students pursuing undergraduate degrees and certificates in the IU School of Liberal Arts. Students in other majors/schools need to check with the their department for information and Liberal Arts graduate students should contact the Graduate School.  

Liberal Arts students pursuing a Bachelors degree or certificate must visit Student Affairs in CA 401 to apply to graduate. We are currently accepting applications for December 2014, May 2015, and August 2015.

You are able view your graduation application status in your OneStart Student Center by navigating to ‘My Academics and Grades’ and selecting ‘Graduation Status’. If you have successfully applied to graduate from the School of Liberal Arts you will see the status "Program in Review" and your intended graduation term listed. Review all the information for accuracy and alert Student Affairs to any errors.

                                               Grad Status









Minors are confirmed in departments. Please be in contact with your minor department, if applicable, to ensure that you have finalized your minor after coursework has been completed. If you are completing minor coursework in the same semester of graduation it is very important that you are in timely communication because there is a short turnaround from final grades to degree conferral.