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Richard M. Fairbanks Foundation

Foundation’s mission:

The Richard M. Fairbanks Foundation, located in Indianapolis, Indiana, was established in 1986 by the late Richard M. Fairbanks who was the founder and owner of Fairbanks Communication, Inc. The Foundation is an independent, private foundation granting funds to qualifying tax-exempt organizations in the greater Indianapolis, Indiana area. The Foundation has three primary focus areas: Health, the Vitality of Indianapolis, and Sustainable Employment. The Foundation seeks to fund initiatives and organizations delivering impactful solutions that address key challenges facing the Indianapolis community.

Reasons why the Foundation awarded the grant for the new School of Public  Health:

The Foundation has multiple reasons for aiding in establishing Indiana’s first School of Public Health in Indianapolis all of which played into the decision. First, all statistics indicate that Indiana has major public health issues. Second, there is a significant shortage of trained public health personnel in Indiana. Third, a School of Public Health will be in a position to secure federal and philanthropic support for research to address local issues. Finally, a School of Public Health at IUPUI strengthens IUPUI and the community’s growing role in the life sciences.