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Prospective Students

Environmental Health Science

Students enrolled in this concentration learn to anticipate, recognize and assess environmental hazards that affect human health. Students study the impact of biological, physical and chemical factors on the health of communities. Students will acquire the skills necessary to identify susceptibility and intervention factors that lead to disease and/or its prevention.

Concentration Advisor:
Steven Lacey, PhD, CIH, CSP


This concentration will prepare students to integrate the social, biological, environmental and analytic approaches to understanding determinants of health in populations. The principles and methods of epidemiology constitute a foundation essential for policy development related to surveillance activities and prevention strategies. Students will learn how to design and conduct studies, analyze data, and present findings in a variety of formats and for diverse audiences.

Concentration Advisors:
Tom Duszynski, MPH
Chunyan He, ScD
Gregory Steele, DrPH, MPH
Jennifer Wessel, PhD
Jianjun Zhang, MD, PhD

Health Policy and Management

Students in this concentration will acquire skills in policy process, development and analysis. They will explore in depth current national and state public health issues and make policy recommendations to address those issues. In addition, they will develop strategic capability for managing health services organizations in a policy context.

Concentration Advisors:
Bill Pfeifle, PhD
Ross Silverman, JD, MPH
Cynthia Stone, DrPH, MPH, RN
Dennis Watson, PhD

Social and Behavioral Sciences

This concentration will prepare students to address population health problems by utilizing knowledge regarding individual, cultural, and societal determinants of healthy, behavior change theory, and applied experiences to develop, implement and evaluate health promotion interventions.

Concentration Advisors:

Silvia M. Bigatti, PhD

Kathryn Coe, PhD

Tamara Leech, PhD

Lisa Staten, PhD