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Prospective Students

Product Stewardship Program Competencies

The goal of the MS Program in Product Stewardship coincides with IUPUI’s Principles of Graduate and Professional Learning. Students will master the knowledge and skills set forth in the Product Stewardship Program Competencies, be able to communicate effectively with peers, clientele, and the public, think creatively and critically to improve practice in the field of product stewardship, and behave in an ethical manner both professionally and personally. The specific competencies for the MS in Product Stewardship are as follows:

  • Describe the core functions, values and principles of environmental and occupational public health.
  • Identify and characterize product hazards, exposures, and risk through inherent product characteristics, uses, and misuses of products.
  • Select and apply appropriate frameworks to analyze product risks to humans and the environment throughout product supply chains and product lifecycles.
  • Identify and evaluate current and emerging societal issues, regulatory requirements, and voluntary frameworks that may affect products throughout their lifecycle.
  • Assess and apply best practices to improve product sustainability and competitive advantage while minimizing business risk through management and product development.
  • Identify and recommend strategies to improve the capabilities of product stewardship organizations within the larger business construct.