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MD - MPH Program

We Help Physicians Think Big…

As a physician, you’ll be able to impact the health of individuals.  Imagine how much you could expand your impact if you had training in public health.  By adding a Master of Public Health (MPH) degree or a Public Health Certificate to your medical studies, you’ll be prepared to positively impact the health of entire populations of people.

Learn Population Health While Attending Medical School  

Through a partnership between the IU School of Medicine and the IU Richard M. Fairbanks School of Public Health at IUPUI in Indianapolis, you can earn an MD-MPH joint degree in just five years or an MD-Public Health Certificate in just four years.  The programs can be completed concurrently with your medical education, giving you expanded career options upon graduation and throughout your career. 

To make it easy to complete two degrees in such a short time, some of the 45 MPH credits are shared with MD credits. The core public health courses are online, and many of the other courses are interdisciplinary and integrated with community programs. Experiential components provide opportunities to apply learning in projects to enhance health. Students can apply for stipends to partially offset the cost of the MPH courses.

Applying Is Easy

Students interested in the combined MD-MPH can specify this during the initial application process for the IU School of Medicine or you can enroll in the combined degree program during medical school.

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