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Current Students

Graduate and Professional Student Government
The Graduate and Professional Student Government (GPSG) serves as a voice for all graduate and professional students on the IUPUI campus. GPSG promotes an active dialogue between the student community and school administration and advocates on behalf of graduate and professional students. GPSG meetings occur twice a month to discuss campus activities, student interests and concerns, and upcoming events. A representative from the MPH Student Government is required to attend.

Find GPSG updates online at gpsg.iupui.eduFacebook and via your GPSG Oncourse tab. If you do not have access to the GPSG Oncourse tab, e-mail with your name and campus email.


Educational Enhancement Grants
GPSG offers students Educational Enhancement Grants (EEG’s) that are awarded to graduate and professional students at IUPUI by GPSG that can be applied towards attending a conference or conducting research. Each student can be awarded a total of $500 for each academic year.


EEG’s are available for the following activities:

1.  Travel associated with attending a professional conference.
2.  Travel associated with presenting a paper/poster at a professional conference.
3.  Consumable research supplies/equipment needed for thesis/dissertations.
4.  Training resulting in certification.

EEG Graduate Student Criteria:

1. Applicants must be graduate or professional students currently enrolled at IUPUI.
2. Students may apply during both the fall and spring EEG review periods, but may only receive one grant award per academic year. 
3. Students may apply for EEG funding for a conference they have, or will have, already attended at the time of application, and receive the award for retroactive application.


How do I apply for an EEG?

To apply, you must complete an application and provide a letter of support (one page) from an advisor or faculty member.

Specific applications for each track (attending/presenting, consumables for research, or training certification) are accessible via the GPSG Oncourse tab, in the "EEG Applications" folder under "Resources".

EEG deadlines occur twice each semester. Specific deadline dates are listed on EEG Applications.


EEG Application Review Criteria:

EEG’s are awarded based on qualifications described above as well as:

-       Relevance to future career and/or research

  • How will you use the EEG to help your future career and/or research aims, IUPUI, and the community?

-       Student contributions to IUPUI community and/or research fields

  • How have you contributed to IUPUI or research?
  • Volunteer work? Student activities? Community-based research? Class-based community projects? Community outreach?

-       Strong recommendation letter supporting student efforts

  • It may be beneficial to share and/or discuss your application with your advisor or faculty mentor. A strong letter of support will confirm a student’s strong candidate for an EEG based on student standing, contributions to IUPUI, and benefits from attending/presenting conferences, consumables for research, or training certification.

-       Quality of writing and proper grammar

  • Don’t forget to proofread your application!