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Get Involved - Practice Partners

Can The Corps help you?

Whether it’s a special project that’s been sitting on the back burner, or something so urgent you need extra hands on deck, we welcome a broad range of service-learning experiences for our Corps students.

Here’s a quick checklist to help you decide if your assignment is a good fit for The Corps:

  • Is the project short-term – can it be completed in days or a few weeks (not months)?
  • Does this assignment have clear goals or steps to completion?
  • Would an undergraduate or graduate student be the best match for the job?
  • Total time commitment per student for each assignment is usually ~5 hours, and rarely exceeds 20 hours.  Does your assignment fit within this work limit…or can it be done by a TEAM of students?

These are general guidelines, so if you aren’t sure, feel free to contact us.


Want to submit a Corps Service Request?

Submit a request for Corps service online by completing a brief online form.