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Dennis P. Watson, PhD

Associate Professor, Social and Behavioral Sciences

Dr. Watson’s research and teaching interests include mental health, high risk  populations and health behaviors, evaluation of health care programs and  interventions, and community engaged research  methods.


  • PhD, Sociology, Loyola University Chicago, 2011
  • M.A., Sociology, Loyola University Chicago, 2005
  • B.S., Sociology & Psychology, Bradley University, 2002

Professional Experience

Graduate Research Fellow, Center  for Urban Research and Learning, Loyola University Chicago,  2007-2008.

Mayoral Fellow, Office of the Mayor, City of Chicago, May 2008-Aug  2008.

Predoctoral Fellow, Center for Urban Research and Learning, Loyola  University Chicago, 2008-2011.

Major Fields of Expertise

  • Mental Health & Illness
  • Homelessness & Housing
  • Mental Health and Social Service Systems
  • Evaluation and Implementation Research

Intellectual Contributions

Watson, D. P. (forthcoming).  From structural chaos to a model of consumer support: Understanding the roles of  structure and agency in mental health recovery for the formerly homeless.  Journal of Forensic Psychology Practice.

Watson, D. P. (2010). The mental health of the older homeless: Provider  recognized issues related to service provision. Journal of Applied Social  Science, 4, 27-43.

George, C., Krogh, M., Watson, D., Wittner, J., Radner, N.,  Walker, C., & Wiens, C. (2009). Homeless over 50: The graying of Chicago’s  homeless population (policy report). (

Watson, D. P. (2009). Community-based research: A lesson in humility. In D.  Streiner and S. Sidani (Eds.), When research studies go off the rails: Why  it happened and what you can do about it. New York: Guilford Press.

Watson, D. P., George, C., & Walker, C. (2008). Falling through the  cracks: Health care needs of the older homeless population and their  implications. In J. Kronenfeld (Ed.), Research in the sociology of health  care (Vol. 26, pp. 187-204). UK: Emerald.

Awards and Recognition

  • Winning paper, Society for the Study of Social Problems Mental Health  Division’s Graduate Student Paper Competition, 2011
  • President’s Medallion, competitively awarded to one student nominee from  each school within the University for excellence in scholarship, leadership, and  service, Loyola University Chicago, 2010
  • Honorable mention of paper, Society for the Study of Social Problems Mental  Health Division’s Graduate Student Paper Competition, 2009
  • Peter Whalley Award for Outstanding Graduate Scholarship, Recognizing  Excellence in Teaching, Research, and Service, Department of Sociology, Loyola  University Chicago, 2009
Dennis P. Watson, PhD Dennis P. Watson, PhD Dennis P. Watson, PhD
  • Dennis P. Watson, PhD
  • Dennis P. Watson, PhD
  • Dennis P. Watson, PhD