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Ann M. Holmes, PhD

Associate Professor, Health Policy and Management

Dr. Holmes joined IUPUI in 1993. Her teaching and research interests center  on the financing and delivery of health care, particularly to chronically ill  populations, and the measurement of health status for economic and health policy  evaluation.


  • Ph.D., Economics, University of British Columbia, Vancouver
  • M.A., Economics, Queen's University, Kingston
  • B.A. (Honours), Economics, University of Victoria, Victoria

Professional Affiliations

  • American Society for Health Economists
  • 1994-  International Health Economics Association
  • 1994-  Society for Medical Decision Making

Major Fields of Expertise

  • Health policy and health services research
  • Economic evaluation methods in health care
  • Financing of health care
  • Chronic illness, including severe mental illness

Intellectual Contributions

  • Holmes, AM and Deb, P. (2004). "Performance Assessment in Community Mental  Health Care and At-risk Populations." Health Care Financing Review,  26(1); 75-84.
  • Li J, Holmes AM, Rosenman MB et al. "Indiana Chronic Disease Management  Program Risk Stratification Analysis." Medical Care 2005; 43(10):  979-984.
  • Holmes AM. "Is a Family Equal to the Sum of its Parts: a Comment."  Quality of Life Research 2005; 14(4): 1135-1137 (invited editorial).
  • Rosenman MB, Holmes AM, Ackerman RT et al. "The Indiana Chronic Disease  Management Program." Milbank Quarterly 2006; 84(1): 135-63.
  • Holmes AM, Ackermann RT, Murray MD, Zillich A, Katz B, Downs SM, Inui TS.  "Evaluation of the Indiana Chronic Disease Management Program." Health  Affairs 2008; 27(3): 855-64.
  • Holmes AM. "Truth in Advertising: The Authors Respond." Health  Affairs 2008; 27(5): 1483-1484.


  • Co-chair, Financing Sub-committee, Health Care Reform Study Group  (2007-2008)
  • Appointed by former Governor O'Bannon to the Family and Social Services  Advisory Committee (1997-2004)

Awards and Recognition

  • Graduate Teaching Award, School of Public and Environmental Affairs, 2002,  2004, 2005, 2008
  • Trustee's Teaching Award, IUPUI, 2001, 2003, 2005
Ann M. Holmes, PhD Ann M. Holmes, PhD Ann M. Holmes, PhD
  • Ann M. Holmes, PhD
  • Ann M. Holmes, PhD
  • Ann M. Holmes, PhD